Smart Second-Hand Shopping
An easy and fun way to shop and sell preloved items from your community

Chumbani, closet in Swahili, was founded with love – for fashion, fun and friendship, but mostly, with serious matters in mind.
In an era of global warming, wastefulness, pollution, and pandemics, we decided to promote an alternative shopping experience that is just as elite and refined as it is socially responsible.

Chumbani takes pride in addressing our 21st-century accustomed needs and expectations while taking into consideration important social and environmental issues. We offer a first-class shopping experience of second-hand items that reduces waste while celebrating fashion and style.

The fashion industry is constantly ranked among the topmost environment-harming industries. In recent years, this has only escalated. Brands roll-out new items and mini-collections year-round. They take advantage of our need for the new, our desire to shop, and our expectation for immediate satisfaction.
The implications of these fast-fashion trends result in a decrease in quality, a shortened lifespan of items, and poor labor conditions. It also impacts water consumption, carbon emissions, soil degradation and several other polluting factors.

Recent events, such as covid-19, have taught us some much-needed lessons as well. They have put a spotlight on the significant things in life, the effects the environment has on our well-being, and the importance of smart consumption.
This has elevated and emphasized the need to go-green and maintain a conscious, sustainable lifestyle.

An additional aspect is the human factor. More specifically, our need for community. Loneliness is one of the most disturbing diseases of the modern age. Generating opportunities to interact and combine the virtual space with physical packages, is not only fun, but contributes to our sense of belonging. We believe that fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself, your uniqueness and your creativity, and nothing beats sharing your love of style with others who can appreciate it. This also provides an opportunity for additional income and empowers us as consumers, to recycle, reuse, and re-enjoy the advantages our carefully selected items.

What Guides Us
  • Sustainability We want to contribute to- and enable a more environmental-aware, smart shopping experience.
  • Style We’re here to celebrate fashion, self-expression and creativity. We make sure to do so in style.
  • Social We bring communities of fashion-forward, smart-shoppers together. We want you to enjoy getting to know the people you buy from.
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